Manage Your Restaurants On the Go

Single Restaurant

Managing a Restaurant is a Challenging task. The biggest challenge is to manage the inventory. Inventory is the heart of any business. Biz1book solves the inventory problem using its rich set of features.

Multi Restaurant

Controlling Multiple Business Locations is a Complex Task. The owner being physically there in all locations is not going to happen. But you can have all the data from all locations in one place. You can have it right in front of you and control everything that needs to be.

Software as service

Biz1book was started with the intention to give maximum value to customers. Biz1book provides the option to use it a Service. The daily Restaurant data can be sent through pictures. Biz1book will take care of data entry through invoice scanning.

Success stories from businesses just like yours.

We have been using biz1book for 2 months. Initially, we had assumed that there could be a raw material variation of 5%. But once we started using biz1book, the findings showed a variation of upto 30% for meat and seafood. The issue wasn't resolved in a day. Over a month's time, we brought the variations down to below 10% consistently.

Mr. John - Chef, Darling Group of Restaurants

Success stories from businesses just like yours.

When biz1book approached us initially, we didn't want to waste time on Software. But we just gave it a try since they insisted that it wouldn't take much time to implement. On the first day of implementation, we found that Expected Chicken Usage was 45 KG, but Actual Usage was 70 KG. We have been saving a lot of money since that day using biz1book.

Mr. Raj - Managing Director, HighLife Breweries

Success stories from businesses just like yours.

We started using using biz1book recently. Earlier maintaining proper inventory used to be a big deal. We used to run out of stock many times in a week. But biz1book let us to take the stock using our mobile phone and be upto date on inventory. Nowadays, we don't have any issues with stock maintenance. We always get alerts whenever there is a shortage of stock and hence we are well prepared.

Stephen J - Managing Director, Pasta Land.


Biz1book has a whole lot of features. But you may need only a set of them. You don't have to pay for the features you don't need. We give you the options to pick and choose only what you need. Below is a set of Plans for you.


Single Location

  • No Sub Locations
  • Inventory
  • Basic Recipe Management
  • Purchase
  • Bill Payments
  • Reports


Single Location-$39/Month

  • Complete Recipe Management
  • Inventory
  • Sub Locations
  • Purchase
  • Bill Payments
  • Reports & Alerts



  • Multi Outlet Management
  • Complete Recipe Management
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Bill Payments
  • Reports & Alerts




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