Control Multiple Locations from Wherever You Are:

Controlling Multiple Business Locations is a Complex Task. The owner being physically there in all locations is not going to happen. But you can have all the data from all locations in one place. You can have it right in front of you and control everything. And moreover, when there is a Central Kitchen or Storage, you need to seamlessly transfer goods in between them. This is easily possible with the help of Biz1book. Biz1book helps to avoid all the unnecessary phone calls, paper notes and miscommunications.

Order Tracking:

In a Chain model, the orders need to be tracked between the outlets and Central Storage. Biz1book gives the following features to make use of in internal Ordering.

  • Outlet – Place Order, Receive Goods, Return goods, Dispatch Wastage

  • Central Storage – Dispatch Order, Receive Return, Receive Wastage, Inspect / Recycle Wastage

Biz1book manages every aspect of Multi-Location model effectively. All the activities can be performed through mobile phones. You have the option to control the complete ordering process from wherever you are.

Purchase Price Changes:

For any multi-location business, purchase plays a major part. A small fluctuation in Purchase Price will have a major impact in the bottom-line. Biz1book allows you to save and view prices at company level, Location and Vendor level. The price comparison feature can be used to a great effect.

If suppose some locations are quite far off and purchases are made from different vendors, you can use Biz1book to compare and negotiate the prices to be the lowest. If a Supplier is changing a Purchase Price that he has agreed upon, an immediate alert will be triggered. This will be very useful in Restaurant Cost Control.

Automatic Daily or Weekly Ordering:

The Outlets will place order for items from the Central Storage or Supplier. Biz1book provides the option to set the Stock Level. Based on this, the Orders can be automatically placed by the system based on Current Stock. The user doesn’t have to go and enter the Order Product and Quantity on a daily basis. This can save a lot of time and manual effort.

Order Consolidation:

Each Location will have a certain requirement of finished goods or Raw materials on a daily basis. These Orders need to be consolidated and given to the Supplier or Central Kitchen. Biz1book takes care of the Consolidation. For e.g if 5 stores require each 2 cases of beer and 5 pounds of chicken, the Consolidated Purchase Order will be 10 cases of Beer and 25 pounds of Chicken that will be placed to the Supplier.


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