Restaurant Inventory in your Palms:

Managing a Restaurant is a Challenging task. The biggest challenge is to manage the inventory. Inventory is the heart of any business. Biz1book solves the inventory problem using its rich set of features.

  • Pre-order Levels & Automatic Ordering

  • Low & Critical Stock alerts

  • Variance and Wastage Alerts

  • Recipe Control by Key Ingredients

There is a lot of software in the market that manages inventory. But Biz1book differs in the following areas.

Superfast implementation:

Implementing and Realizing Recipe Control with other Software will take you minimum 2 weeks of time. Implementing and Controlling in Biz1book can be done within 2 days. Businesses can decide right there whether you need to continue with Biz1book or not. That makes your decision-making part swift and easy.

Complete Mobile Access:

Most Inventory Software have mobile versions. But key daily activities may not be done through mobiles. Receiving Purchase Orders and Daily Stocktaking, for example, needs to be done through mobiles to save a lot of time. Biz1book provides complete functionality through mobile version. Hence you don’t need to write things on paper and then enter into software. Take your mobile and just start controlling the Restaurant. It’s now all inside your palms. Enjoy managing.

Sub-Kitchen Level Inventory Management:

Inventory is maintained at the Location Level in other Software. The whole Purpose of Recipe Control is to find the root cause of the Inventory Variance. But when you have the variances at a Location level for e.g. Chicken, drilling down to the root cause will take its own sweet time. But with Biz1book, we directly let you know the Kitchen or Chef that is responsible for the Stock Variation. So, finding the root cause and resolving it is so easy with Biz1book.

Stock Statement Report:

The Stock Statement Report lets you view the track of all activities of a particular item for e.g shrimp. The activities include Dispatch, Receive, Usage, Production, Wastage, Return, Variance, Opening Stock, Closing Stock. Using this Report, it is so easy to track and identify what could have gone wrong. This is very useful in root cause analysis.


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