Biz1book As a Free Service:

Biz1book was started with the intention to give maximum value to customers. Biz1book provides the option to use it a Service. The daily Restaurant data can be sent through pictures. Biz1book will take care of data entry through invoice scanning. You can also send the inventory data that needs to be entered. Essentially, we want to give maximum Usage to the Customers by consuming just minimum time from them.

Invoice Entry:

At a Restaurant, you will receive several purchase invoices on a daily basis. Restaurants usually handle it either by

Putting the data entry manually into a Software or spreadsheets:

  • The data entry may be time consuming for the Staff. The data entry Cost might be high for you if you think ‘x’ hours of a manpower is daily used for data entry. This can have impact of 100s to 1000s of manpower dollars based on your business size. That’s where Biz1book can help out by automatic scanning feature.

Just storing them in papers as received:

  • In this case, getting insights of product price changes is not possible. You are not tracking anything systematically. There is lot of scope for wastage and theft. You can read in the internet about the effect of wastage and theft in Restaurants to understand why a software is Required. That’s where Biz1book can help out by automatic scanning feature.

Restaurant Work is Time Consuming:

As a Restaurant Owner / Manager, there are several things to handle. Time is of paramount importance. Many do not want to save as much time as possible. Biz1book offers to do most data entry part for our customers. Uploading image of the Data will be sufficient for Biz1book. At the end of the day, Biz1book can come up with the Report of Stock Variances, Wastages and Scopes of Improvement.

Key Business Alerts:

Every Business has Undesired Situations. Undesired Situations include

Inventory Level Alerts:

  • Low Inventory, Critical Inventory, Unused Inventory

Inventory Usage Alerts:

  • Wastage alert, Variance Alert

Purchase Order Alerts:

  • Delayed Purchase, Price Change, Order Item Missing

Internal Order Alerts:

  • Delayed Dispatch, Dispatch / Receive Items Missing

Biz1book can take details from the data you feed. You will be alerted during the above situations. This will let you take necessary actions at the right time. As the Saying goes ‘A stitch in Time Saves Nine’. This can save you from a lot of pressure, manpower and directly or indirectly a lot of cost as well. All above situations will ultimately end up in loss of revenue. By using biz1book Service, you can always stay one step ahead of such situations.


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